Tabletop games are a great way to enjoy time with friends - but conflicting schedules, messy houses, loud pubs, small kitchen tables, mismatched player count, setup, learning the game - all can detract from sharing a great game with friends.

Tabletop Initiative (Tti) is a premium tabletop gaming experience that removes these obstacles and lets you relax and enjoy the game. Our adults only lounge, exceptional staff, massive game library, and friendly members are why Tti is a better place to roll.

Comprehensive Game Library

If you want to play it, we’ll have it. Our continuously growing game library is at your command and our game menu will be available for perusing in-house or online.

Don’t rely on box art to tell you what a game is like. We categorize games by several factors so you can quickly find the game you’re in the mood for. Or our Game Sommeliers can help you get into the perfect game with the right play time and the mechanics you want. We’ll even put together a sample menu with precision and care. We just ask that you don’t actually eat the pieces.

Superior Gameplay

The staff at Tabletop Initiative are constantly looking for ways to improve your gaming experience. Tti augments games to remove tedious elements and avoid friction. A myriad of enhanced components and custom sourced props expand a game far beyond what’s available in the retail box. Publishers have a budget for mass production. We have the budget for exceptional gameplay.

Tti will sometimes re-publish games and game elements to ensure members get the best gameplay possible. We aren’t restricted by what’s available at a retail store. We can make every game a limited edition.

Some games in our library have “Easy Start” instructions – concise explanations of how to get straight to playing, so you can skip the 30-page rule book. You can also ask a friendly face on our staff to help you get started. You’ll be able to master the basics of a new game in minutes instead of hours.

Exceptional Staff

Once you choose a game, a Tti staff member will set it up for you and you’ll be notified you when it’s ready to play. When you’re finished, you wont have to worry about how it all fits back in the box. We’ll take care of it, allowing you to get right to your next game.

We all know time flies when we’re having fun, especially when board games are involved. At Tti we want you to be comfortable, refreshed, and on top of your game. Our staff will wait on you for refreshments and provide gameplay advice. Anything to provide an extraordinary experience, every game, every time.


The best game nights have the best refreshments. Tti provides local beer, game-friendly snacks, and a gamut of caffeine delivery methods – all available to members at the best possible price.

Broad Audience

To an outside observer, modern tabletop games can seem indecipherably complex. Tabletop Initiative wants to lower the barrier to entry for new players into the vibrant world of tabletop games. Any interested adults are welcome! If you are new to tabletop gaming, or want to invite a spouse or coworker, don't hesitate. Meet fellow members and play games you never knew existed. The tabletop community is very approachable and loves to welcome new players. Come kick back and make new friends.

Community Involvement

Connecting creators and players is just a part of how Tti gets involved in the tabletop gaming community. We establish relationships with game designers and publishers to bring our members the latest concepts and a give them a chance to voice their opinions. Partners can use Tti as a testbed for unreleased titles or alternative rules. Members can join us for exclusive events that feature those behind the games we love.